Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Warehouse Wednesday: Scale-Line signal box

OK, not a prototype photo today, but an interesting blast from the past.

I picked this Modelcraft plan up a few weeks ago. These old modelling products fascinate me, especially if they are cheap. This one is certainly redolent of a certain era withing the railway modelling hobby. Despite being able to go out to the local railway line and see the real thing, modellers were feed plans like this that were a long way from scale. 

Edward Beal was a particularly bad offender with books of drawings that looked like crude models   rather than the real thing. I've never understood this - why not draw scale plans?

The weighbridge on this sheet is terrible. How long is it supposed to be and did no-one point out that the windows along the side never looked like that?

I'm thinking that this was from the days of model railways really being posh toys. Certainly a scale box as we might build would look out of place next to 50s RTR.

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Duncan Young said...

Weighbridge windows appear simplistic but the building has the flavour of a power station or post war factory construction- the ridge roof and coal fire cling to tradition, the brickwork and lots of window light is post war modernist/brave new world- designed to give the operatives marginally better conditions.
The signalboc looks Sottish- Caledonian style