Friday, September 18, 2015

Bantam update

Bridge inside

A busy week has limited the time I could spend working on the Bantam tug. However, I have fitted out the wheelhouse. Since the view inside is limited, I'm not going to go mad in there.

The wheel is an odd design - standard ships wheel but with only one sticking out handle. Trimming a whitemetal casting did the job. On the real boat there is a chain running around the back and down to a couple of pulleys. You won't see it so I'm not building it.


Quite what happened to the paint, I don't know. In real life it's not nearly as green as the photo shows. On the other hand it's not the same colour as the top of the tinlet...


Captain Scarlet had had all his joints locked with some epoxy resin, gun and shoulder pads trimmed away and then a coat of Milliput that will be smoothed down to represent a boiler suit. Again, you can't see much through the windows so my poor sculpting won't show too badly.

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