Saturday, September 26, 2015

NOT a toy

From the packaging of the excellent Ratio SS91 Lever/Ground frames kit. I know that they have to write this on to exempt the kit from the regs relating to toys but I do wonder sometimes.

I mean, while a perfectly good kit, it's not going to be much fun as a toy is it?

Surely any parent who complains that the contents don't conform to the rules relating to plastic items stuffed up the nose when junior isn't being supervised because their guardians were too busy fiddling with their mobile phones, should have it pointed out to them that what they have left their sprog with is simply too dull to be a toy.

Also that any parent buying a child this kit as a toy should be locked away for child cruelty.


Anonymous said...

It's not as if those parents who might have given their little ones something like this as a toy would be put off by such a notice.
My job entailed me going into people's homes and you wouldn't believe the numbers of infants I saw playing 18 certificate computer games and watching 18 certificate films.
Like you say the "parents" we're often to busy with nothing much to interact with their child unless it was to laugh at the TV as someone's head explodes into gore. It's no wonder the youth of today are so de-sensitised to violence.

Paul B. said...

'For adult assembly by experienced modellers' it says on the box of a OO9 kit in my possesion, followed by 'Not a toy' in bold. The railway modelling equivilent of printing 'this product contains nuts' on a bag of nuts?

Phil Parker said...

Perhaps, "This product is FOR nuts" on the kit...