Thursday, September 17, 2015

ERG wagon kits

This blogging lark is great. As yesterday proved, all you need to do is post a picture and there is a good chance someone will be able to identify the location.

So, here's a new challenge. I've been passed from ERG cardboard wagon kits. All I know you can see in the photos.




How old are they? I'm thinking 1950s perhaps although they probably stuck around on the shelf for a lot longer.

Has anyone built one? What do you use as a chassis?

Painting looks interesting as surely you cover the up the livery details as soon as the first coat goes on.

Fascinating history though, from a period when people actually did some modelling. 


Paul B. said...

There was an accompanying book 'Cardboard Rolling Stock and How To Build It' by E. Rankine Grey (ERG). Doesn't help with dates as no publication date in my copy. I would suggest 1950s though.
I bet you have a copy tucked away!

Phil Parker said...

Now you come to mention it, I think I do. Orange cover as I recall.

I'll have to dig it out and do a review sometime.

Anonymous said...

For that era, wouldnt Peco wonderful wagons have been ideal?
Id like to see the process of one of these built. Maybe photocopies so to not ruin the originals.

James Finister said...

weren't these used by Edward Beal? Were the Merco range unrelated or were very a development of these?