Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Modelu Figures

Modelu figures

One of the stands I was keenest to visit at Scaleforum was Modelu.

A new business, Alan Buttler has developed the technology to 3D scan and then print figures for model makers. Using stereo lithography, he can make people 25mm tall with superb detail. Best of all, they are proportionally correct, or at least as correct as the people who have been scanned.

Most of the figures so a far are based on preserved railway volunteers but it's perfectly possible to be scanned yourself, it doesn't hurt, you just stand still while Alan waves a tablet computer around you, and then you can be driving your own loco. You could even buy lots of prints to give to your friends!

I'll give these models a coat of paint as soon as I have time. In the meantime, check out my report on MREmag for more details.


Nick Brad said...

The big question is, when can we buy a miniature phil parker?

Phil Parker said...

I have had a few thoughts in that direction...

Anonymous said...

These are so much better than anything else out there. Even the best o gauge figures in traditional lead can't match these, you would have to go up to 1/35th (54mm) to get anything like the detail.
Maybe the likes of Montys Models will have to scan full size figures to make moulds for white metal in future.
Whilst I haven't seen any advantages in 3D printed locos, buildings etc, over traditional methods this is a real quantum leap in quality. I will be placing an order soon, just hope the price will drop a little before I replace all my platform staff and as many others as I can. I'm sure period clothed passengers and civies will be out soon.

Phil Parker said...

I'd disagree with the O gauge point - S&D Whitemetal figures have far more detail on them and in 4mm, Monty's would give them a run for the money.

What these do have is perfect proportions, not something found on many models in 4mm scale. If the proportions are wrong, it doesn't matter how much detail is included, the figure looks wrong. On a layout, proportion matters more than detail.

Price isn't likely to drop in a hurry - each model takes hours to print so you are paying for machine time.