Saturday, September 05, 2015


ShedsI've been looking at the underneath of railway arches recently.

Firstly, it's because my car has reached MOT time again and the tester is under an arch. One new tyre since you ask but I fitted a pair as it doesn't make sense to change a single tyre unless you have to - they've both done the same number of miles after all!

Second, Ruston Quays includes quite a few arches and I thought it would be nice if some of them had scruffy businesses in them.

So, while I waiting for the re-test, I wandered along to my local model shop and on the way spotted this scene. Sadly, I hadn't got a proper camera with me so it's shot on my scratch lensed mobile but I think you get the idea.

Under the arches, acting as storage for a headstone supplier, is this pair of sheds.

They would make a brilliant model, not this time but in the future.


Anonymous said...

I dread to think what dodgy puns some modellers would dredge up for businesses like that one (or allied trades), if they found its way onto their layouts:

* A name like "Mason", "Carver", "De'Ath" or "W.E. Boxem" - possibly even some cheerful guy by the name of "Reaper"?

* A sign on the door, inviting people to "knock 3 times for an answer"?

On reflection, it's probably best if I don't think too hard about this one ... .

Nick Brad said...

I love those, not come across anything like that before myself, usually it's just a flat wall under the arch with businesses inside, occasionally dressed up with glass frontages such as the ones under Herne Hill station.