Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ynys Gwyntog

Ynys Gwyntog

I've been very busy recently so this is just a quick post.

Ynys Gwyntog was on display at Scaleforum last weekend as a tribute to its creator, Bob Barlow. I remember being impressed with it in NG&I No.100 and so to see the model in the flesh was a real treat.

What I love is the atmosphere Bob created. Whisper it gently but this isn't the most detailed model in the world. However, unlike many of the "perfect" models I've seen, it has character in abundance. The differing ground levels, the hand scribed stone, the observation of real scenes, it all comes together.

I don't suppose I'll ever produce anything this good but looking at the real model I can see how I could get within touching distance. You can't say that about layouts where they are so fixated on track gauge that the green, green grass is all wrong. But more of that at the weekend.

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Stuart Firth said...

I saw this last year when I went to pick some mags up from Bob - What a work of art, and what a great guy he was. RIP.