Friday, September 04, 2015

Parker's Vans

Parker Vans

A couple of new vans for Ruston Quays, well we'll need some road transport amongst all the trains.

Van transfersRegular readers might remember that for the August issue of BRM, I built a small factory unit using free parts supplied by The model factory hasn't survived but like a phoenix, it will rise from the ashes.

When I wrote the post for BRM's blog, Pete Harvey asked if the van I posed in front of the doors was going to be sign written. I pondered this and suggested it might. In my head there were some ideas about printing my own transfers.

Of course I did nothing about it.

Then a couple of weeks ago, the Justin at mentioned in his newsletter that they would be producing some sign writing for transit vans. I immediately e-mailed him to see if they would do anything suitable for older vehicles. After a little discussion, including sending over the measurements of a suitable vehicle, he agreed. A few days after this, a fantastic sheet of transfers appeared in the post.

The signs match the free ones given away with the magazine so as soon as the new Parker Fabrications appears, it will have transport.

Should you fancy doing something similar yourself, the transfers are available from the maker (I'm sure he'll do other names but why would you want them?).

Removing the branding from an Oxford Diecast van is simple - just burnish it away with a fibreglass pen and finish off with some Brasso wadding. This leaves a shiny surface suitable for applying the transfer. I finished off with a spray of sating varnish but it's not essential as the printing is by laser not inkjet.

Be careful not to burnish anything you want to keep - I had to repaint the red line to blue on the van as I managed to clean it off but some neat(ish) work with a brush sorted this out.

I look forward to seeing Parker's vans on layouts around the country. If you spot one, please send me a photo, I'd love to see where they end up!

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