Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Time for some holes in the side of the Bantam. I know you can buy lovely turned brass portholes but they cost money and since these are pretty mucky on the real boat, I don't plan to be polishing them any time soon.

Starting with a 20 thou plastic disk cut with a pair of compasses, I thin add a slice of tube. Once the solvent bonding these together is dry, the tube is filed and sanded back to leave only a think layer sticking out. Then I drill a hole in the middle and ream this out to match the inside of the tube.

Only after doing all this did I spot that I've made these too large. Probably by about a third. However, I really like them, much nicer then the slightly piggy versions on the prototype, so I'm going to leave well alone.

I know this is bad but it's my model so there.

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Duncan Young said...

Portholes?! Scuttles or lights please (ex RN!, RNR). Good article and I'm learning!