Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Warehouse Wednesday: Sepia Works

Sepia Works

I'm not sure where this photo was taken. Possibly Birmingham, but I didn't write anything on the back of the print and as you can tell by the cars, the shot dates from the 1990s.

Interesting canal side building, hardly improved by painting the dark brown frontage black. Looking closely at the picture, I'm pretty certain the name isn't Sepia but I can't work out what it really is.

If anyone knows more about this building, please comment away.


Anonymous said...

Try Sipelia Works, Cadman Street, Sheffield :


CF said...

Lovely. This backs up my beef about Metcalfe kits. This is what a real industrial building looks like and not a pink brick in sight. I love the fact that some windows are boarded up and the 1st floor ones aren't. Highly modellable.

Neil Whitehead said...

Great road textures.

Phil Parker said...

Chris - Bang on about the Metcalfe kits. They are brilliant EXCEPT the colouring. If they ever do something with Scalescenes/modelrailwayscenery quality but Metcalf design, it would be a winner.