Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Cap'n Captain Scarlet

Captain Captain Scarlet

I'm going to need someone behind the wheel of the Bantam. The big windows into the wheelhouse will show up the ghost doing the steering.

A little work with the calculator shows my model to be 1:21 or 1:18 scale - depending whether you use the length or width of the hull as your guide.

I recon this means a 6ft man will be about 3 1/2 inches tall.

Rooting through the bits box, I found a Captain Scarlet figure almost exactly the right size. Standing him on the deck, he looks right compared to the cabin. This is low as the floor is below deck height.

Sadly for the good Captain, the floor on the model isn't low so I'll need to chop him off at the knees. That uniform is going to need a coat of Milliput too. I don't think many tug skippers looked like this!


neil whitehead said...

Watch out for the Mysterons!

matt Scrutton said...

Can't do that Phil, his legs will retrometabolise back again! ��

Anonymous said...

That figure is a collectors item for sure. Sell him ebay and buy something else.

Phil Parker said...

He is valuable - 30p at a local car boot sale (actually, 3 figures for a quid so 33 1/3p) - but far more valuable as the Captain of my boat.