Monday, September 07, 2015

Nuts'n'Bolts in plastic

Bolt heads

Larger scale models allow, or demand, larger details.

In 4mm scale, I can get away (or at least I think I can) with a cube of plastic for a nut. On the Bantam tug, I feel I ought to do a little better.

Better comes from MENG models and their moulded collection of nuts and bolts. Each sheet comes with bolt heads on one side and nuts, with bolts sticking through, on the other. Sizes range from 0.8mm to 1.4mm.

The details are tiny but if you look carefully, through some magnification, beautifully moulded.

To use them, slide sharp blade under the details required and stick them in place with some liquid solvent.

I've used a couple of sizes on the top of the tug. I assume this panel can be lifted away to allow access to the engine. Oddly, the prototype doesn't have lifting lugs here, those supplied are for lifting the entire boat, so I assume the panel is light enough to manhandle.

Vent and bolts

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