Thursday, September 03, 2015



More fabrication, this time the handrails. Some 2mm rod poking through flat stanchions, just like the prototype. Plenty of plastic solvent and the result is very strong.

The problem is, having made them I look at the prototype pictures and think I've made the stanchions too long and used too thick a rod. So, I made some with 1.5mm rod and compared the two:


Yet again, I think my "cartooned"versions look better. The rod would be 4mm diameter, which doesn't seem excessive - the real ones are just bigger than a 10p piece so around 25mm. The stanchions are too long but I quite like that as well.

The juries still out on this. I might well decide to replace them all yet.



Anonymous said...

The rod would be FOUR METRES diameter?


Phil Parker said...

Ooop. I mean MM. Now fixed. They do say size doesn't matter but I suspect in this case it does.