Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Considering colour

Thinking about the colour to paint my van in, I dug through the collection of transfers for a suitable decorative name. Ideally, I'd go for a Porche dealership, but the only photos I can find, on VW Type 2 vans, show white text and logos on a blue base. The blue I can do, white transfers I can't.

I did find an option that pleases me however and it needs a white base to sit on. On the shelf in the garage is a can of Peugeot Ice White spray and since it would save me firing up the airbrush then I decided it would work well.

Until I had to decide on car colours, I had no idea how many different shades of paint were available. Hundred of oranges for example, handy when touching up a faded orange car. Then there are whites. When choosing the paint for my van, we went through many options and Ice White was perfect to go with a Rover blue. Pure white was too stark but the not-white (see it compared to a white piece of paper above) worked harmoniously.

I'm not using the Rover blue this time. I can't find it, but I do have some Ford blue which is the perfect match for RNLI lifeboat hulls. I don't have a lifeboat build imminent, so I blew some of the remains of the can over my model bug. OK, it's too shiny and a bit thick, but I think it will be OK when toned down. I hope so anyway.

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