Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Waterborne Wednesday: Barge and pusher tug

Barge and pusher tug

An interesting combination here - a pusher tug and barge on a British waterway. 

I can't remember taking this photo and found it in the stash of images from an old hard drive crash recovery. The tug looks like a Bantam to me but those weren't pushers - were they?


James Finister said...

Bantam's were very much designed as pusher tugs.

And if ever you feel like building another Bantam, how about trying the prototype? I bet it would get lots of comments about being unrealistic

matt scrutton said...

Back when I was a lock keeper on the thames I had the dubious pleasure of telling a tug skipper pushing a similar barge that I'd received complaints about his wash. I did however tell him I'd noted his section time in the reach and that he couldn't possibly have, and that I fully appreciated the problems his vessel might have with wash. He was pleased not to receive a ticket, and nobody could say I'd not carried out my duty!