Thursday, May 14, 2020

Garden Rail - June 2020

The joys of the current situation meant assembling the June issue of Garden Rail was more interesting than normal. I like to have all the content pulled together by the time an issue hits the depleted supply of newsstands, but this time things were chopping and changing right up to the dealdline.

Not that this means a duff magazine, far from it. The contents are as packed as ever, but with everyone having time on their hands, I've taken a bit of the risk. The lead layout is a wordier piece then normal, with some slightly contentious views on the hobby. All nicely put across, but the author has gone through a re-assessment of his hobby over the years and explains his current philosophy.

Is more text a good thing? Well, we'll see. People often say they want more words, but bigger pictures seem to be better for casual sales. Time will tell. Having said this, digital edition readers will receive more photos as we expand out electronic offering in the same way as we've done with BRM. Very much toe-in-the-water time at the moment, but with readers all over the world and the cost of shipping paper being what it is, it might be the start of something. Magazines have to evolve anyway, so why not?

There's plenty of practical content too with church building, a stunning rail-lorry and help filming your layout plus many others.

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