Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Waterborne Wednesday: Mick's Tug Services

Micks Tug Services1

An old photo dug up from some recovered images. I might even have posted it on here before, but I think it's worth another airing. (Actually, I did)

Mick's Tug Services operates a mobile engineering service and seems to be a fleet (another photo here) or interesting and very modelable vessels. 

While I'm not really taken by narrowboats in model form, to me they look odd on the pond out of the confines of the cut, I can see this one on the list to build one day either in radio control or 4mm scale form. 

The tug makes several appearances online - here and here.  

Is it cut down from a longer boat, or made especially short? I don't know.

Micks Tug Services2

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