Thursday, May 21, 2020

Pit head, hair spray and wagon chassis building in BRM

It's fiddly N gauge time in June's BRM. I build a very impressive kit from Severn Models.

A 2mm scale pit head - it looks horribly complex, but isn't too challenging to build, even though I decided to do what the manufacturer recommended and use glue instead of solder.

Next, I take a shipping container and make it rusty.

You could use powders or one of these clever rusting kits, but I used paint - and hair spray.

This is a technique beloved of plastic kit modellers but not often seen in the railway world. It's not difficult although certainly something you should practice on before launching into your best model.

I've been out with camera again (OK, in February) to take photos of ByWay MPD.

Always a fan of small and well-modelled layouts, it as right up my street, although the DCC controlled lighting gave me a few headaches along the way. However, it does mean both day and night shots of this lovely model.

Finally, on BRM TV (No DVD again, but subscribers get a link to allow them to watch online) I'm building a 4mm scale wagon chassis.

Again, nothing complex. We are talking a 4-wheel coal truck, but I show how I go about ensuring the model wil run properly with a few hints and tips.

All this and more in the July 2020 issue of BRM - more details over on RMweb.

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