Friday, May 01, 2020

Hornby beer

I've never been one for drinking at home much. Beer is a social thing for me, so pubs, beer festivals etc. - great. Otherwise, I'll have tea.

This has changed with the world in lockdown. I've been enjoying a beer with mates via the Interweb. Trips to the local supermarket usually involve coming back with something interesting and alcoholic in my bag. And yes, I do think it's essential.

The is a beer in my collection that isn't going to be drunk any time soon - a bottle of Blow-Off Steam HPA.

Why? Because it's part of my Hornby collection.

Yes, genuine Hornby beer, not available in the shops. I picked this up at the London Toy Fair in lieu of cake earlier this year. I'm sure it's lovely, but I'll be lodging this next to the giraffe cars in the collection. Doubtless it will be worth a large fortune one day...

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