Saturday, April 16, 2016

16mm Society AGM 2016

Indian Hill loco

A bit of a flying visit to the 16mm Society AGM at Peterborough this year. With both parents in tow, but under the weather, we whizzed around the trade and then left just after lunchtime.

The first thing that struck me on arrival was the hall looked a bit empty. Down the centre there was a very wide aisle. So wide I wondered if half the stands hadn't turned up. Once we got into the thick of it however, the reason became clearer. A new floor layout saw the show divided into 4 areas, but it seems that part of this involved squashing all the stands into smaller spaces than before. Certainly, space was at a premium between them and there was a lot of squashing as we worked our way around. 

Another change was the lack of seats in front of the layouts. There was seating, but in discreet blocks with nothing to look at other than the side of the coffee caravan. 

Tradewise, there were certainly stands we'd not seen before. Several new building makers have appeared and other expand their range each year. I've always thought that if money suddenly became no object, this is the one show it would make a big difference at. A couple of live steam Garratts would be joining the fleet for a start. 

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