Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It doesn't touch the sides

Now, I'd expect the bulkheads around the luggage area to touch the sides, but it appears not. 

My sneaking suspicion is that I need to add the doors and these then fit in somewhere. Trouble is, working out where everything goes - there's no positive locations. 

The instructions seem to suggest holding the sides in position with the resin nose and then soldering things. Heat and resin aren't happy bedfellows so I'll not be trying that. Instead I'll be scratching my head for a bit...


Khris said...

Phil, What about putting the resin nose in a bowl of water to act as a heat sink and solder while it is in the bowl of water.
Learnt that from a guy who explained how he soldered the cranks onto the axle for an L&B loco.
Just a thought!


Phil Parker said...

That's an interesting idea. Never thought of that. Thanks!