Monday, April 18, 2016

Drinking tea and painting stones

Stone Painting 1

The centre of the social area in our club is home to 4 table. On a Thursday evening, you'll normally find an N gauger or two working away on a Scalescenes kit along with half a dozen others reading magazines, drinking tea and gasbagging. 

Picking out stones on a model building isn't the most exciting activity, so doing the job while drinking tea and chatting seemed like a good idea. 

My palette came from the bin. On it I mixed the base colour (Precision Dark Sandstone) with blobs of lighter browns and greys. after 4 or 5 different colours, I dusted the model with talc to both unify the colours and make sure it was dry enough to go back in my bag for the journey home!


Mike Bellamy said...


I thought the barn looked familiar - David Wright of Dovedale Models probably did the original master - see the heading photo on his website which looks to be a mirror image of the Skytrex one - steps up are on the other end but otherwise it's about the same.

His web site is here


Phil Parker said...

Mike - Good spot. I've enjoyed David's work at shows in the past and would agree that this barn looks very similar. Mind you, if you get someone to make a master, it might as well be a master model maker!