Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Railcar bogies part 1

Railcar Bogie Bits

According to the box,this kit complies with the Gauge O Guild Code of Practise CP1 for the content and quality of model railway equipment kits. 

Interesting. The code presumably doesn't cover holes for wheelbearings then. These are 2mm oversize.

Undersize I can deal with. Oversize is more tricky involving lots of soldering, poking, soldering and checking to make sure the thing will sit flat.

This is after I find the minimal instructions mention that the original design has the buffers sit 4mm too high in an effort to get the model around 6 foot curves. An alternative construction method is suggested to sort this out but I couldn't make much sense of it.

Finally, the sideframes - soldering these in place is fine if you don't mind trapping the wheels.

So, I'll work out my own pivot arrangements and have provided a large area for the sideframes to be glued in place after the wheels go in and painting.

The second bogie should be much quicker to build...


Ian C said...

Phil, have you read this? http://www.bpodmore.co.uk/GWR_railcar.htm

Paul B. said...

You need a lathe. Then making oversize bearings for dodgy kits would be a doddle. Not that you should need to turn your own special bearings to make up for the kits shortcomings...