Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Warehouse Wednesday: Leamington Spa goods shed

Leamington Goods Shed

Like any station of reasonable size, Leamington Spa boasted a good shed. Fortunately, it didn't disappear when falling into disuse, instead becoming absorbed into a builders merchants. Even the weighbridge hut has survived.

Obviously the main building has been extended greatly, and breathtakingly unsympathetically. It now stands unused and available for rent by Cushman & Wakefield. I did try to find it on their website but can't locate anything. Pity, as I'm sure some rich blog reader is itching to chuck a few quid my way to turn it into a museum of interesting things.

Anyway, if you are wondering what the building looked like back in the 1950s, how about this model on Pete Waterman's 7mm scale layout:

Leamington Goods Shed

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Graham said...

Hello, planning permission has been granted to use this area as a carpark. Some of the buildings will be demolished. Graham