Monday, April 04, 2016

Crazy railcar project?

Railcar Kit

In 13 days time,we have a club trip to see Pete Waterman's model of Leamington Spa. I've been a couple of times before and it will be interesting to see how the model is progressing. That and it's always fun to see a model of somewhere you know so well.

One of the comments made is that no-one seems to take any stock with them to run on the layout. This is true, I don't recall anyone taking a loco with them in the past.

However, in my stash, I do have a kit for something that I've always wanted to pose in the bay platform of Leamington station. A GWR railcar.

This Mega Kit was bought second hand several years ago for a reasonably bargain price. I entertained ideas of building the model and then selling it for a mahoosive profit. However, as realistically, this won't happen, it's lain in store for years.

The feature that attracted me to the kit, apart from it being a prototype I really like the look of, was the fantastic 1-piece resin ends. This should take much of the hard work out of building the model. Apart from this, there are some big bits of brass and a load of castings.

Can I build it in time for the trip to Pete's? Dunno, but it will be fun to find out.

Railcar Nose

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