Thursday, April 21, 2016

Diesel railcar review time

Railcar front

Time for a little railcar review. I'm having trouble with the kit, but is it just me? 

Apparently now. As far back as the second post in the project, someone helpfully pointed me at: GWR Diesel Railcar Saga where the builder assembled the kit but had to find a new bogie mechanism because the kit supplied version wouldn't work. I pretended not to notice...

Then some more digging around on-line threw up this thread on RMweb. It contains the classic phrase "Gateneal and finished don't often appear in the same sentence; well done!". The builder himself says "this has been the worst kit I have built yet" and mentions doubling the weight with body filler. Hmmmm.

To top it all, at the weekend, I am sitting with fellow club members in a pub and find myself next to someone building the same kit! He has also replaced the bogies and is struggling with the body. The super-fine window bars are currently causing problems, something I have to look forward to as those on my kit need attention.

I am not encouraged.

However, I'm certain the model can be built. All I need to do is work at it. I also need to stop beating myself up about a lack of progress. Perhaps a break on one of my other unfinished projects will give me thinking time. On the other hand, there is another idea. More tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like some top-of-side strengthening is called for. Perhaps small brass angle, or strip? Flat-bottom rail could even be used if its view can be obscured by window blinds, etc. on the finished car. Or the roof could have strips attached to have the sides latch onto these strips?

Steve Lucas