Monday, April 11, 2016

Test fitting the nose

GWR Railcar nose test fit

With both etched sides fitted, it's time to see if the noses will go on. There's a little work to carry out removing excess resin but pretty quickly, the first end plugs in place.

The windows fit perfectly, the tumblehome is going to take a bit more work. Although the sides are well wrapped around the bulkheads, there join isn't prefect.

GWR Railcar nose test fit 2

At the luggage end, things are a bit more vague. With no bulkhead to hold the sides in place, the nose fits but I can't honestly say I'm certain it lines up. I don't understand the lack of bolt-in bulkheads, it's like the designer started at the other end and got bored after the centre doors.

It's pretty obvious there isn't any chance of me finishing this before the weekend but I'll plough on, albeit with a little less pressure, as this is a good looking model. Or it will be. Hopefully.

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