Friday, April 29, 2016

Can't get stuff for 3mm scale?

"Oh I'd love to have a go at TT, it's the perfect scale. But you can't buy anything for it."

So goes the typical refrain every time the scale is mentioned on forums.

Well, it's not true. My copy of the latest 3mm Society price list hit the mat yesterday with a thump. At 24 A5 pages long, there's plenty to read.

A quick count would suggest around 70 items listed per page so allowing for the front and back cover, we're talking over 1500 kits and components.

Not bad for a scale you can't get stuff for...

You might care to visit the 3mm Scale Society website.

1 comment:

Huw Griffiths said...

There's just one problem here - no RTR train sets, featuring obscure prototypes, at pocket money prices.

As has already been said, "it's no good - you can't get anything in this scale" … .