Friday, April 22, 2016

Flying banana?

Artist Andy  Evans follows this blog and sent me the image above as a potential solution to my railcar chassis problems. All I need is a propeller and a blimp and we are good to go. 

I admit, the idea appeals. The railcar becomes very Battlespace Turbo Car and that's never a bad thing.

Find this picture, and LMS alternative, and lots of other good stuff over on Andy's Wild Goose Website


J D Lowe said...

The balloon part from Lego's #5956 'Expedition Ballon' play set might be just the piece you're looking for :-)

Ben Bucki said...

Or... given some of the scifi leanings of previous blog pists, a Dan Dare/Flash Gordon-era rocket ship? Or Thunderbirds Monorail?

Phil Parker said...

I want a ballon and now several models of the railcar. Can't see anything in the 3D print world and Dinky versions are too expensive to cut up. Hmmm.