Monday, April 25, 2016


Barn inside

Inside the barn I fancied an earth floor and as on a high shelf I have an open packed of Woodland Scenics "Fine Turf Earth" (T42), I thought it would be an easy job. 

Spreading a coat of PVA, I sprinkled the flock powder and patted it all down. The colour didn't look very brown but it was late and I left it for the morning. 

After sunrise, it still didn't look brown. Most definitely green. 

Anyway, when the excess was removed, the results were a bit patchy so I sprayed a bit of hair product in and sprinkled some more "Turf". Some stuck to the walls but I think that has enhanced the effect. 

Next time, I'll work over a brown base (yes I was too lazy to paint the thing first) which will help. The green isn't bad but it's not earth or turf colour IMHO. 

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