Thursday, April 28, 2016

Shunter tinkering in BRM

Diesel Shunters

I can't be doing without of the box ready to run locomotives on my layouts. Once I get my paws on them, I feel the need to make them "mine". Or ruin them, as a collector might say. 

This month, in BRM, I've taken a perfectly good Bachmann 03 and Heljan 05, and customised them to suit Ruston Quays. The 03 wasn't too tough but the 05 went a bit wrong along the way and there was some hasty rectification work required. And yes, I have explained this on the page. Let's face it, not every project goes right first time does it? 

On the DVD, I'm doing something that many will consider incredibly basic - wheel and track cleaning. 

I know it's been covered before but there is a constant stream of new recruits to the hobby who ask the question, "Why do your locos run so well?" and look quizzical when I talk about cleaning the bits through which electric juice flows.

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