Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Warehouse Wednesday: Brick substations

Leamington Substation

If I stroll to the railway station, I pass this interesting little building. It used to be, as far as I can tell, and electricity substation.

During the last year, someone has been converting it into a house. Not a very big one it would appear as first, but when peeking through the doors while work was going on, I think there is a basement to double the floor space. The windows and rather twee lamp are additions, as is the white paint. 

There's a similar building near Northampton station which I spotted one evening.

Northampton Substation

Again, it's not large but is, for such a utilitarian structure, pleasantly ornate. 

Do plans exist for these buildings? They would make rather nice models. I could even see them being useful resin ready-to-plonk structures as I doubt the designs were local. 

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