Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Warehouse Wednesday: Baltic Flour Mills

Baltic Flour Mills

Another honking great building for you this Wednesday.

Baltic Flour Mills stands 138ft high and 170ft long. Built by Rank Hovis in 1950 but to a 1930 design, what you see is the current building as converted to an "arts space" in 1994 - there used to be a couple of warehouses on the left hand side making it even more massive.

For the modeller, although it's a huge building, the design lends itself to fairly simple Plasticard and cardboard construction. All the windows are square so no fiddly lintel-work. Most of the walls are blank, presumably because of the silos inside. Another useful background building and one usable anywhere as the design isn't obviously of an area and other mills were based on this after WWII.

Plan view on Google maps.

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Duncan Young said...

I see it every day!