Monday, July 25, 2016

A happy customer service story

Let's start the week with a happy story (SPOILER ALERT - everything works out fine). 

On the back of our house is a waterproof socket. It's the second one to be installed, the first having rapidly fallen to bits because the electrician brought in to fit it bought cheap rubbish. This one works much better, is easier to close and generally is good. 

Last week, one of the grey catches that clamp the  door shut broke. 

Looking at the (paper) catalogue, these clips seem to be common to several sockets so I wondered if I could get a replacement. Ringing the number on the book didn't work (always engaged) but a Tweet sent to @Screwfix got a response within 20 minutes.

After direct messaging them with the order details, and I didn't have the number, just the date of purchase and my address, I received a phone call - at 8:10pm. This was a surprise but welcome and Audrey explained that if I dropped into the local branch they would try to help. She also e-mailed me the original order so to make things easier for the branch.

The next day I explain the story to the local people who do their best to extract a good clip from a socket in stock. This proves impossible (you need a tiny punch to remove the hinge pin, hardly a common tool) so we agree that if I buy a new socket, I can go away and use the entire front panel, then put the broken one in the box with all the other bits and return it for a refund.

8 simple screws later, the new door with 2 working clips is installed - no need for an electrician as I didn't disturb any wires (still switched it off at the distribution box though) and all was well.

Finally, everything was boxed up and returned for the promised refund.

All in all, excellent service. So good, I felt I wanted to write a blog about it to say thanks to everyone who helped.

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