Friday, July 08, 2016

Loco on the plank

View with background

A quick post today showing the a loco posed on my new photo plank. The background is the Isle of Man, which of course never saw any standard gauge steam engines.

Looks nice though, and despite the small size of the plank, it should be pretty useful, which is handy because after yesterdays course, there are 8 more planks in existence.

The day went very well and everyone said they enjoyed themselves. If I ran the course again, there's a few niggles I'd sort - more pots of paint and bottles of PVA for a start, but generally I think this teaching lark has potential.

During the day, a few questions popped up which deserve long answers so I'll try to post these at the start of next week - after all, if one person is asking I assume others are too. 

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