Sunday, July 17, 2016

Condon Ballast Wagon

Condon Ballast Wagon

Part of my workbench clear up revealed this little wagon. I picked it up for a quid from a box at Stafford show a few months ago.

I knew I'd seen something similar before in print but couldn't place it. Since the show hadn't been as expensive as expected, I thought I'd have it out of interest.

Digging through old issues of Narrow Gauge and Industrial Modelling Review, I find the piece by Roy C Link I remembered. 

The wagon is part of a set made by British toy maker Condon. For your 2 shillings spent at Woolworths, you got a loco and 3 wagons. Each has a tilting bucket that's missing from mine. Ostensibly OO gauge, the loco wasn't motorised and you'd not want to put it on any 2-rail track as the whole thing is diecast with no insulation. 

I have a feeling that this wagon will find its way into the background of a layout, sat in some weeds and growing rust. 


Paul B. said...

A train of these, re-gauged to OO9, were used on PD Hancock's Craig & Mertonford.
Whitemetal copies are available from the wonderfull Nonneminstre Models, click on 'catalogue':
I really must build some myself.

Mark said...

Ah Paul beat me to it. There is a photo of these converted ones in the letters section of issue 96 of the REVIEW.