Saturday, July 09, 2016

David Heaton etching

Last week I dropped in to an art exhibition on my way through town. To be honest I'd expected to have a quick snoop around and carry on, but instead I ended up chatting to artist David Heaton about the process of etching - that's not etching as in kits but as in printing pictures.

David carries out the whole process himself from design, to carving, to printing the finished pieces. Many artists just do the first part and farm the rest out to others, but I'd say this makes their work less personal. With art, I like to feel that I'm in touch with the person who created the piece, which is why I haven't bought a Damien Hirst piece or similar as they rely on a skilled, but uncredited, craftsman to do all the hard work.

(Lack of the major funds required is another reason but I'll stick to my artistic qualms).

Anyway, one thing we talked about was the idea of demonstrating skills via video - and David pointed me to the film on YouTube above which he'd put together. It's well worth a couple of minutes of your time - fascinating.

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