Thursday, July 28, 2016



Some things are worth the wait.

Accurcraft's G scale model of Isle of Man No.16 "Mannin" is just such a thing. 

When the big box arrived last week, my dad and I were in a hurry to get it open. After working carefully through all the packing, always terrified that a rogue piece of sticky tape would touch the paint, we sat the model on the worktop and were very happy. 

While the price is scary, the model isn't. It's all metal for a start and beautifully finished. Despite being a garden scale, there is no shortage of detail. 

Manin rear

Looking inside the cab the controls are present - not something you'll see in the garden, but for a showcase queen, important.

The model feels solidly built. Looking inside the smokebox, the Pitman 24 volt motor can be seen. There's plenty of space in there for a DCC chip if you fancy fitting one too.

One query I had was the lack of brass numerals on the chimney. Photos of the loco in the days when it was running show them in place. I can only assume it's been modelling museum condition where they are missing.

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