Saturday, July 23, 2016

Large scale model aircraft - Cosford 2016

Man and machine

The weather was perfect - sunny with a little breeze. Perhaps a little less of the later would have been nice as it was at the 15mph limit that the 1/3rd scale WW1 planes can fly in, but otherwise ideal. Certainly warm enough to justify a couple of ice creams with "strawberry" on sauce on them. 

In the sky were the usual selection of amazing models. Keeping these going can be a challenge. The owner of the Vulcan put out a call for assistance in an "operation" at one point. This cured the engine problem enough to get it in the sky, but after a flame-out, he had to land the 20ft span model dead stick. A bit heart in mouth I suspect!

Anyway, I came back with lots of balsa and a couple of model boats. More on these tomorrow. 

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