Sunday, July 03, 2016

More for the Beatties collection

Time for a quick update on the Beatties collection. I've bagged a few more goodies to add and I know people are interested.

The first is actually a bag. Not the regularly seen yellow Tamiya RC cars version (got one already) but a more modern radio control one. Won on eBay for sensible money from Justin at, it's a design I'd not seen before. Of course, having seen this design, I now discover there is a rucksack version as well...

Another eBay find was issue number 1 of "Train Topics" from September 1968. This appears to be an in-house magazine providing details of new and upcoming products. Aside from fitting the collection, I love the pasted typewritten paper design. Not DTP back in those days, I presume this had to go out to a proper print shop for duplication and the two colour design would have made it extra special. Lead story involves Flying Scotsman though, so not much changes.

Was there an issue 2 I wonder?

Finally, thanks to Nickbrad on RMweb who offered me a Beatties point. I knew they produced some OO track, presumably a badged Peco product, but hadn't picked any up. Now I have a perfectly usable turnout. 

I know this is a silly collection of items from a long dead chain of model shops, but I always wonder what will turn up next. That's what makes it fun.

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Nick Brad said...

Awesome scoop on that bag, I had no idea that they existed, but then again, I didn't know about the track either until I found that set of points amongst a collection of random track. (The rest was old Hornby stuff mostly, with the odd bit of Peco) :)