Thursday, July 07, 2016

Today we make a photo plank

Photo Plank

All being well, as many of you read this, I'll be standing in a classroom showing a group of people how to make one of these - a simple photo plank. 

Basically, this is a model railway layout distilled down the minimum you can get away with, and about the most anyone is likely to complete in a day, especially as I'm going to be wittering on about a bucket full of other model railway subject. 

Hopefully all the glue and paint will dry quickly. My laptop will work and I won't forget anything vital. Fingers crossed. 


Nick Brad said...

Good luck, i am sure you'll have a wonderful time and having seen you talk at Doncaster, I have no doubt everyone else will enjoy it and gain useful knowledge

Gillian said...

Yes, we had a really good time with Phil showing us how easy it all is...... Or is that just beginners luck? Thanks Phil, great course.

Phil Parker said...

No beginners luck - this stuff isn't that hard but sometimes it's helpful to have someone show you how to do it.

Really glad that everyone enjoyed the course though. Thanks for the excellent feedback.