Saturday, July 30, 2016

Beatties Model Boat Catalogue 1967

"This first model boat catalogue is a start. I hope to improve it as further additions appear.". So said SN Beattie inside the ochre cover of this A5 sized publication.

The biggest surprise found within the covers, is quite how little have changed in the hobby in 49 years.

We start with the Model Maker Plans Service, now run my MyHobbyStore and with many of the plans still on sale. Maybe you'd be advised to fit a brushless electric motor rather than a 34cc J.A.P. but the boat is the same.

We don't have free runners now either - cheap RC gear means people aren't so happy to point their boat at a faraway bank, wind the engine up to full chat, and let it go. Why hope someone catches it when you can take control and run into the bank anywhere?

Next we have a selection of Rip Max marine fittings. These are still available, something you can't (as far as I am aware) say about the Steingraeber "Floatable ship model kits in wood" range. They seems to concentrate on galleons and old sailing ships which aren't that popular nowadays. 

Aerokits models still have plenty of fans and many are available from The Vintage Model Boat Company.  

We then see Billing Boats - nice to see the Zwarte Zee in the range, and again, still available. Revell plastic kits appear, followed by Marinecraft. These aren't around, but if you want to have a go, this site includes outlines of the parts for some boats. 

Finally, we have Graupner and Airfix, still very much still with us. 

Amazing how much of the boating hobby started half a century ago!

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