Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Production lines

Everyone on Thursday's course will be building a simple "photo plank". Basically, this is a length of track on an embankment. Simple enough but the problem with scenic work is drying times. 

By the end of the day we need people walking away with a completed model, not a soggy lump of wood with green bits. 

With this in mind I've been mass producing the basic plank. It's nothing more than a length of 2X1 on a 3mm thick MDF rectangle, but these all have to be cut and fixed together. Then the track is laid and spray painted. A dozen times. 

I'm in two minds about fitting the polystyrene sides. These will need to be cut to size and one of the fun jobs on the day will be attacking this with a variety of tools, so perhaps I'll leave it off and just take a car load of insulation. 

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