Sunday, July 24, 2016

Flash - saviour of the universe!

2 boats for £20? 

According to the label, they were returned models that had been checked and were OK. A nice couple of speedboats fitted with 2.4mhz radio so they could be sued alongside other models. 

"Can't go wrong", I thought, "I'll use the bits in one of the many vac-formed hulls I have in the store."

So I came away from an aircraft show with a pair of boats. Of course, I need to test them, so the battery is charged (only one between them. Boo) and off the water I go. 

Flash Speedboat

On the lake? Brilliant fun.

The top speed appears to be the 20kph promised, fast enough for me. Control is excellent and very responsive. Slowing for corners is perfectly possible, or at least it will be once I get the hang of the trigger/wheel transmitter.

I still think one of the boats (they both work and I will get a spare battery) will be donating its innards to another model but for the moment, the other will be doing speedy service on Thursday mornings as a change from pootling.

And the title of this post? From the theme tune to the Flash Gordon movie. And from the first line of the introduction in the instructions. Seriously. A tenner for a boat that can save the universe. Is there a better bargain anywhere? 


Anonymous said...

Are you starting to wish you'd got more of the things?

This question might sound crazy to some people - but perhaps not so to some people who often visit hobby shows.

When visiting shows, it can sometimes be difficult to set the balance between getting too much stuff and not getting enough.

At one extreme, some people get "buyer's remorse" - getting stuff because it looks like a "bargain". Unfortunately, just when it's too late, they realise that they'll never have a use for their latest acquisition, they've paid over the odds, or they haven't got any money left for something they really want.

At the other extreme, some people don't buy something - then, the moment they leave the show, they wish they had. Sometimes, they might not even have to wait to leave the show - they might go and look at something elsewhere in the venue - and return, only to find that what they were looking at has suddenly vanished. Either that, or they see somebody else walking round the venue with the item they'd been thinking of getting sticking out of their rucksack.

If the truth be told, a lot of show visitors have probably fallen victim to both extremes - but most of us usually get the balance about right MOST of the time.

At least that's what I tell myself when I see some show visitors dwarfed by their enormous 120L "Bergen" backpacks, bursting at the seams with "must have" "bargains", five minutes after the Warley show opens its doors. I could imagine some of these people a months later, sobbing into their, equally bloated, credit card bills.

As for me I think I'll stick to the 20L daysack (£6 from my local army store)- preloaded with food - and no credit card (not difficult - I've never had "plastic").

Mind you, I've never had to look my bank manager in the eye. In fact, I don't even know what she looks like - and I'm in no rush to find out.

Phil Parker said...

Fortunatly, the only other boats were a pair of "spares or repair" models for a tenner. I have wondered if I should have snapped them up, but the truth uis, I have 2 working boats (when I buy a spare battery) and that's enough.

I know the feeling of not wanting to miss out and have more than enough "projects" in store for many years worth of modelling. Even if someone gave me enough money to give up work, I'd be able to keep making stuff for a loooong while (If there is a Billionaire out there wanting to try that experiment, please get in touch) but I don't think this is a bad thing.

The Bad Thing is when you lose interest in everything. That's a long way off!

James Finister said...

I don't know about Flash, to my eyes there is something just vaguely reminiscent enough of Stingray to suggest an idea for a conversion.

Huw Griffiths said...


I think you called it right.

I was only thinking aloud with my comments (but slightly absent minded, when it came to inputting my name).

I know there have been a number of times when I've got on the coach back from a show, only to wonder about "the one that got away". However, I'd much rather this than be stuck with a load of expensive "white elephants".

Overall, I think I usually get the balance about right. I've been able to do a number of things with stuff I've got at shows - but I don't get everything I see. I'd never be able to afford to.

My usual routine involves having a mental list of stuff I'm likely to be interested in - with everything costed in advance. I do my sums and, if the total comes too high, stuff drops off the list. When I get to the show, I've got some idea where I'm likely to find what I'm looking for. If it's not there, or the price has gone up too high, I don't lose any sleep about it.

After this, I might have a limited amount available for "impulse" purchases - but nothing too impulsive - and I tend to pass on lots of stuff.

I suspect that only dealing in the "folding stuff" - and only having a moderate amount with me - might also tend to focus my mind. After all, any time I buy something, I've got to count out money - possibly "fivers" - possibly £2 coins - but I'm conscious of that money going.

It isn't hard to work out why I've never wanted a credit card.