Monday, July 04, 2016

Non specialist modelling equipment

I'm preparing for the course I'll run on Thursday by buying in some of the supplies needed when a group of people are doing some modelling. A surprising amount are available on the high street, or at least they were last Friday when I went shopping. 

At the back we have hair spray for fixing flock. Straight from Poundland, this is the "extra hold" stuff that really grips scatter material. At the same time I've picked up a bottle of PVA glue which we'll need for electrostatic grass. 

The grass will be fixed to some earth-colour paint and Wilko "Nutmeg Spice" is my paint of choice for this. Matchpots at a quid a go are fine. Maybe for a layout you'd buy a big can but for small projects, these are easier to store. 

Brushes and spreaders also originate from Wilco. Glue spreaders  have always been tricky to find in the past but now I've got loads. I wear them out on my own projects by peeling old glue away using a knife, so those that survive the week (probably all of them) will simply head into my toolbox. 

Obviously, many materials still come from "proper" suppliers but it's amazing what you can find away from the approved sources.

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cparkstone said...

Your right. I often pick up bits from Wilko, Poundland and the like. Your old fashioned hardware shops are good for small tools,files, solder etc if you can find one i'm lucky one is not to far from me. Art shops are good as well for paints and brushes. They often sell them off cheap. They are also good for off-cuts of mounting card. Wargaming shops are good for paints, I do like the "Citadel range", they do some really good washes and textured paints.