Sunday, July 10, 2016

Smallspace 2016

Brian Johnson and Eagles

With this years HaMeX Smallspace event celebrating my favourite spacecraft - the Space 1999 Eagle - even getting lost coming off the motorway wasn't going to stop me visiting.

A reorganization of the canvas covered areas freed up a little more space than in previous years. This was handy as one of the non-1999 star exhibits was a freshly restored Shado jeep.

Shado mobile

Based on a Mini chassis, the work carried out on this vehicle is staggering. Even the windscreen has been replaced, and it's not a standard item Autoglass will keep in stock!

Inside of course we were excited to see a pair of original 44 inch Eagles alongside special effects guru Brian Johnson, their designer.

Not only this, a whole lot of 1999 props were on show. Apparently these belong to a Belgian collector who has previously been happy for them to reside in the UK and been shown, but post-Brexit, wants them back in case he might struggle to export them in the future!

Meta probe

K9 was present, and in his cafe there was the usual array of delicious food. The sausage bap was lovely and chocolate cake superb. Not bad for a metal dog who cooks everything with a laser in his nose!


Paul B. said...

I do like the Eagle transporters myself, they look functional rather than elegant, which is how I imagine such a craft should look. A bit like a space HGV, smart cab workmanlike chassis.
I enjoyed Space 1999 back in the day, apart from the silly shape changing alien woman. What were they thinking when they introduced her?

Phil Parker said...

Maya? That was the second series when the Americans decided they wanted more monsters in the show. Right up until they got them and then it was "Why have you turned it into a monster show?".

The Eagle is as you say, a proper functional space ship. Perfect desgin for the job it had to do. I think that's why I like it.