Sunday, June 28, 2020

Ferness Quay

Apologies if the blog posts recently have been a bit thin - I've been very busy getting ready for the "Virtual Model Railway Exhibition" that will be taking place next weekend.

Much of my time has been eaten up building a new micro layout "Ferness Quay". Although not a massive project, the aim was to video all the stages and during the show, release the latest instalments through the days. All this takes time and is in addition to the normal job of putting a couple of magazines out.

My modelling time? Very limited indeed.

Still, I'm very pleased with the way the layout has turned out and hope people enjoy the little films I've made taking you through the build.

As well as building things, I've spent time on Zoom interviewing people, so look forward to some interesting chats.

Put the 4/5 July in your diary now!


Graham Spicer said...

That ramp looks a bit steep, even for launching a lifeboat!

Huw Griffiths said...

I'm not sure that ramp is intended for launching anything into the water.

It reminds me of "horse ramps", used to help with safely retrieving horses that had fallen / slipped into canals (perhaps after being startled by unexpected noises).

Obviously, I could be very much mistaken ... .