Sunday, June 07, 2020

The book is back!

Yes, my first novel is out again. We've gone back to basics and done something we should have the first time around - employed a proper proof-reader.

Over time, it's become more and more obvious that our "publisher's" attempt at proof reading was somewhat lacking. Now, while I'll never claim perfection, it's been well sorted. There have been hours of tweaking and correcting plus a tiny amount of rewriting. After that a bit more proof reading and polishing. Both Candice and I are now happy in a way we are with Kate vs the Navy, which was proof read by a pro.

There's also a new cover and an author interview. Basically though, it's still funny and after having to re-read it while correcting the text, I'm still proud of our efforts.


Anonymous said...

Why not Independant bookshops or even as I dont have an independant near me Waterstones

Colin said...

Not my sort of book, but yay! Well done for getting it out there.

Nick Brad said...

I have the original and enjoyed it very much. I haven't had time to read the sequel as yet, although it sits on my desktop.
I'm curious now about how much has changed in the original book, whether I'd notice all the changes straight away or if they are more subtle.

Phil Parker said...

Richard - Bookshops take a bit more work to get anything into, Amazon is low-hanging-fruit as Kate would say. But we are working on it, especially Kenilworth Books who happen to produce excellent cakes for customers on Mondays!

Nick - The changes are subtle. Typos, a couple of timeline corrections. That said, if you have the original, remember that a first edition Harry Potter is worth the price of a good car now so look after it!

Now, back to the half-written book 3...