Saturday, June 20, 2020

Saturday Film Club: Seaspeed

A lovely promotional film made in 1980 showing the hovercraft operation.

Part of the interest comes from seeing the N500 Naviplane in the opening shots. It might have been bigger and faster than the SRN 4's, but it couldn't match them for style. It was quickly returned to SNCF.

I managed a trip on the hovercraft during the penultimate weekend and remember the facilities on the French side being very basic. My plan to go and visit the local area fell apart because it was on an industrial estate and there was no-where to go if you didn't have transport. Never mind, I still fondly remember the trip and am glad I made it.

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capabilitychris said...

I remember travelling in a hovercraft. They looked great but it was about as comfortable as sitting in the back of a Land Rover hammering across a ploughed field