Friday, June 12, 2020

Trams LP

Spin up those wheels of steel, this is a platter that matters!

From BBC Record - recordings of trams.

Found at the back of a cupboard, we don't actually own a turntable to play it on, and even if we did, I can't see listening to the rumblings of tramcars being something I need to do very often.

So, it's back to the cupboard for the moment, and unless someone wants to make me a generous offer for it, a trip to eBay eventually.


Mark said...

I think I'll stick with their more recent effort.... a recording from the footplate of Flying Scotsman on a journey from Manchester to Carlisle.

Duncan Young said...

Try National Tramway Museum Crich

BR60103 said...

I have a record of Toronto streetcars that I can trade you for it.

Huw Griffiths said...

I can imagine the likely target market for "sound effects" records (and later CDs) similar to this - other broadcasters - production companies - film studios - theatres - drama groups etc..

Certainly, I can remember visiting the former HTV studios at Culverhouse Cross (since demolished) - and somebody who worked there commenting about them going out of their way to keep a comprehensive collection of sound effects CDs (and buying copies of every BBC "SFX" CD, as soon as they became available).

However, I could imagine some people finding it slightly hard to envisage sound engineers being despatched to Crich and Blackpool - their cars weighed down with reel-to-reel tape recorders, reels of tape and a selection of microphones.

OK - these days, they'd probably use something slightly more modern and more portable than all the reel-to-reel gear - but they'd still need to be pretty good at their jobs - and all to satisfy a likely audience of hundreds (only a few of whom would actually use their work "in anger").